Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Global Wind Group Inc. is creating energy around the world. Through our uniquely designed vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) we are providing quiet, cost efficient, energy in the world’s most remote communities. We are providing back-up power systems to businesses where being without power is not an option. We are helping you keep the lights on, power equipment, and energize your world. When there is no grid, we are the grid.

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Dragons Den Debut, June 3 on CBC

Global Wind Group Inc. is thrilled to announce that we will be airing on Canadian Television Sunday June 3rd at 8:00pm EST. GWG was invited to Toronto to pitch in front of a panel of investors on a show titled Dragon’s Den in May 2011.


Is Bigger Really Better?

As size increases so do costs. Larger wind turbines are harder to transport, more expensive to install, and more difficult to maintain.  What if a size could be found that optimizes the balance between power and cost?

Careful research and calculations have created the 1kW advantage. Global Wind Group Inc.’s 1kW ZuS wind turbine is practical, versatile, and scalable. The unique vertical-axis design makes ZuS extremely rugged and reliable.

Need more than 1kW? Simply install more turbines up to the desired system size. Scalability reduces the risk of power loss by distributing it. Why put all your eggs in one basket?

Wind turbines
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Telecommunications Solutions

As the need for connectivity continues to grow extensively, more telecommunications equipment such as cellular base stations and satellite communication devices are installed in urban as well as remote locations. Learn more
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Remote Solutions

Small remote communities rely on energy for cooking, heating, charging their cell phones and many other applications that allow them to function in the same fashion as a large city. The ZuS™ vertical axis wind turbine is a reliable and cost effective alternative to generate energy in remote communities. Learn more
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Off Grid Solutions

The ZuS™ vertical axis wind turbine is a reliable and cost effective alternative to generate energy in many off-grid applications. Many urban and remote locations could be considered to be ‘off grid’.  The term off-the-grid or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Learn more

Why Vertical Axis Wind Turbines?

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines have been in existence for over 1300 years. Traditionally, they were used for such tasks as pumping water and grinding crops. Today, they are at the headlining the micro wind industry as an alternative to the Horizontal Axis models. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines represent a reliable, practical and cost effective method for generating energy anywhere the wind blows.

So, why are they called Vertical Axis wind Turbines? In a nutshell, this is because the rotator shaft in a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is placed perpendicular to the ground. As a result, a number of advantages become available when using this system.

First, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are Omni Directional. This means that they can capture wind power without having to be positioned in the direction that the wind is coming from. It also means that they have less Moving Parts than their horizontal counterparts. This makes them more reliable and much less costly to maintain.

Second, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines produce a substantial amount of torque. This is due to the fact that the blades on the turbine have a much larger surface area than the blades found on a horizontal axis turbine. As a result, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines can be coupled directly to a water pump for example. The result is that the efficiency of converting the energy to directly power the application will be much greater.

Finally, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are designed to spin at a much slower speed than Horizontal Axis Turbines. Is this a disadvantage you ask? Not in the slightest! Spinning at a slower speed allows the turbines to function in much higher wind speeds. It also reduces noise and vibrations, is safer for birds and can be camouflaged into an urban or rural setting much more effectively, making Vertical Axis Wind Turbines a great option.

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